Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Cassettes, Trees and a Narwhal.

For some very special people I have made some very special Christmas cards.  Firstly inspired by cheesy Christmas songs, cassette tape cards.  Taking a piece of white felt, this fantastic template, and my sewing machine, I created an outline.
I then hand stitched song titles in embroidery thread and stuck on card blanks.
Whilst I had my sewing machine out I remembered that it has some pretty fancy stitches.  So, on green fabric I outlined some triangles with straight stitch, and then added some stitched tinsel garland.
I really like the star stitch, with two colours overlapping.  I didn't bother to hem the triangles, as they were then spray mounted on to cards.  And finally, for MrCrafty, a Christmas narwhal card.  After all, narwhals are pretty amazing animals, a cross between a unicorn and a whale.  Using a (very blunt!) craft knife I cut out a narwhal outline in a piece of festive holly paper.
Used some blue shiny paper to fill the space, and printed a header and footer. 
Can you see me?
Now, everybody sing...

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  1. These are all great! I especially love the cassette tapes. Thanks for sharing the template. I usually stink at any kind of "drawing" with my sewing machine but I might give this a go!

    And narwhals - YES.