Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Owls, seals and a Milo.

Off my knitting needles, for a friend's new arrival, an owly Milo.
I like how the Milo pattern gives you different cable options to personalise the vest.  I made the three month size and fit in two owl repeats.  My only issue was that I used dpns rather than circulars, and my tension must have been a bit dodgy, as you can see a line where the needles met.  Hopefully a few washes will get rid of these marks!  I think the owls look great, maybe one day I'll get round to making myself an owls jumper.  I've also been to visit some other new arrivals, this time at the Donna Nook grey seal colony.
These seal pups are adorable!

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  1. Love the owls! I've not seen that before. What fun.