Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Knitting progress

Birch is finished, though needs to be blocked.  My hands were then itching to get started on something else, so I made myself some more Wise Hilda socks.
 This time I used some yarn that I brought some time ago in Lidl.  I really like this pattern, it is a k3p1 rib, which is so easy to do whilst watching TV (or watching the seagull chicks outside).
Last year we had one seagull chick on the roof opposite, well this year we have three.  They are rather comical to watch as they get bigger and start to practice using their wings.  Although my heart is in my mouth every time they start flapping close to the edge!


  1. Beautiful work! I really like the blue-grey color yarn you used in the lace piece. It will be really versatile.

    Seagull chicks = CUTE!!

    1. Thank you! Birch was my first proper lace piece, and I am already planning some more!