Monday, 5 March 2012

Knitted CD Case?

This weekend I'm off to All Tomorrow's Parties and I am very excited. For the mixtape swap I've created a knitted ATP case. I can't believe that I avoided Fair Isle knitting for so long, and now, dare I say it, I rather enjoy it!
Also, knitters, do you recognise yourself here? (From Vegan Craftastic)

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  1. Hey,
    I tried to leave you a comment from my phone while we were driving back from ATP, but it failed on me. (if you didn't guess, I'm the one that got your mix) We played your mix on the drive home and enjoyed it loads - particularly liked the Crossover track. I'll be looking them up soon. So thank you for that. I hope mine went down okay with you - and my own cd for that matter. The style doesn't really fit with a Mangum curated ATP but nevermind.
    Anyway, if it's cool with you, would you mind me sticking the mix up on my blog for people to download (that is when I get around to it - super busy)? It'll be up at:

    All the best,