Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Holiday Hat!

Good news! My hat was finished in time for my holidays! Bad news (well bad might be pushing it) is that it is a little big. I mean it fits, but you wouldn't want to wear it on a windy day. Good news though, as it is wool, I am hoping a hot wash will make it a bit more snug. Though there is always the risk that I might shrink it too much, and it will end up as a hat for the guinea pigs. They, of course, do not wear hats (it would mess up their hair). Also do you realise how difficult it is to take a picture of a hat whilst wearing it. After much trying, and many pictures of me frowning, I decided that the blurry picture was the best.
Holiday to Orkney was lovely, I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.
I did manage to do some holiday knitting (after all what is a holiday without knitting?). And will share this with you soon. Ps, Wacky Wendy Woo sent me a link to the most amazing thing - a knitted garden! You can read more about the project here.

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  1. Oh what lovely pictures - they remind me of my time in Scotland many, many years ago as a girl au pair. We could see the Orkne3y islands from our place