Saturday, 28 August 2010

Tattoo design class & new beast!

Last night I went to a tattoo design class with Dahlia Black at The Life Craft. This lovely shop has recently opened in the west end, selling some gorgeous yarns & patterns (I had to restrain myself from the super soft brightly coloured MillaMia merino).
So why the tattoo design class? I currently have three tattoos. I had wanted a tattoo for ages, but just couldn't decide what to have (if you can't decide - then you shouldn't have!). Then life events took over. One of my brothers, Wes died in June 2007. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumour a few years earlier. He had lots of tattoos - a Gemini symbol, angel wings on his hips, a shamrock & Irish for family, handle with care written in Chinese - I might have forgotten some there! His favourites by far, were the black dragons he had along him inner forearms. So my first tattoo is in memory of him, a pink (to make it a little girlier!) dragon, on my inner left arm, so he is always close to my heart.
Now, the problem with tattoos is that they are addictive, the ink must contain something which gets you hooked! So my next two are wrist tats, for my crafty & science sides.
Next I have lots of ideas about a half sleeve, with a bird (owl, magpie or pied wagtail) surrounded by oak leaves, acorns & conkers - with a shamrock snuck in somewhere. My ideas were a bit muddled & I wasn't quite sure if it would all work together, so when I saw the class, I jumped at the chance!
The class was very relaxed, good coffee & company. I got to talk through my ideas, discuss options and actually get something down on paper. I think I've now decided on the pied wagtail (I think that they are pretty cool, and I love the way that they constantly wag their tails!), with a shamrock in it's mouth, and autumnal leaves around. So next I need to finalise the design (and actually look at pictures of pied wagtails!) & get booked in!
Finally today we have a new arrival to the family, after we lost poor Fletch. So welcome Godber's new friend Jim Mclaren! We are continuing with the Porridge names, although he does remind me a little of Pepe le Pew & Alan!


  1. I hadn't realised the significance of the shamrock my love, what a stunning idea. I was absolutely blown away by your design - can't wait to see you inked up!

    Thanks for coming along last night :)

  2. that is such a good idea - to design your own tattoo - i can never decide what to get done so that class would've been ideal for me - you're design is great :)

  3. I'd love to add to my tattoos but I think NotBlondeHusband would kill me!