Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Tranquil tapestry is finished, coursework is ready to be posted. Bliss! I am quite happy with the way the tapestry turned out. Its size is 29cm x 13cm.
In hindsight I should have actually attached the cartoon to the back of the loom, rather than just glancing at it occasionally! Oh well, it is an artistic interpretation! And although I brought all the yarns from the same company, they varied in width, which meant I had to compensate in certain areas. A learning curve! :)
I can't relax too much though, as I have set myself a deadline to finish project 10 (my final OCA textiles 1 project!) before my holiday at the start of May. Must get on with my birdies...


  1. well done! it's lovely - and definitely tranquil. Interesting about the yarns being different widths - I'm just looking at Texere now and trying to work out what I should be choosing for a warp - not got as far as the weft yet!

  2. Beautiful! Love the colours, and the abstract look, what a gorgeous piece, and so interesting. Lovely. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)