Monday, 28 December 2009

Festive holiday weaving

In between the endless eating, sleeping & being merry - this festive season I have also been working on my second tapestry sample. For this I used two colours of axminster yarn from Texere Yarns. The final piece is approx 26cm x 6cm.
I tried a variety of different techniques in this sample, many from Tapestry Weaving by Kirsten Glasbrook. I initially started by trying to merge one colour into another, imagining each tapestry bead as a pixel, with each colour gradually being taken over by the other.

The middle section contains horizontal stripes, regular spots, pick and pick, and my first attempt at distorted wefts and irregular shapes. The distorted weft gives an unusual movement and texture, and is certainly an area to explore.

Finally in the last section I tried to create different textures, carrying loose wefts across areas, soumak, exposed warps, hatching and rug effects. Next I hope to experiment with using different materials for the weft.

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