Monday, 12 October 2009

Pacific North West Adventure!

At the end of my last post I mentioned how I was in desperate need of a holiday, and lo and behold... off I went to the Pacific North West!
In Vancouver I saw an Emily Carr exhibition. She was one of the first artists to produce modern Canadian paintings, inspired by landscape and First Nations totemic art. The exhibition had many of her paintings from the early 1930s. Often the shapes were quite bold and geometric, colours muted and a feeling of tension on the landscape.
Seattle saw a quick trip to SAM. Here they have two sound suits by Nick Cave. One was made from knitting and crochet, which I thought was very fun and comforting. The other was made largely from human hair, which I admit I found very sinister. It is strange how hair (wool) from sheep attracts me yet I found the human hair repelling?
My final stop was Portland. Here I got to see the Call + Response exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. I really enjoyed the work by Jiseon Lee Isbara. One of her pieces 'Scattered' recreated a pin board, cluttered with memos, immigration letters, timetables etc. The formal text is printed, whereas the answers are sewn in a scribbled, indecipherable scrawl. Hopefully this trip will inspire me, however I really must clean my desk first!

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