Monday, 7 September 2009

Fallingwater texture samples

I'm currently working on 'a piece of my own'. I've taken as a starting point a collage that I did earlier in the year, based on a sketch of Fallingwater. I decided to focus on the right hand side of the collage; the contrasting textures and complementary colours of the red & green paper scraps.
I then did some rough collages focusing on this area using different papers:
And using fabric scraps:
I've then been trying to re-create the texture in the greens. Inspired by my current reading 'The Art of Knitting' by Francoise Teller-Loumagne, I used knitting stitches to create samples. All the swatches used the same yarn, needles and the same number of stitches cast on. I like the bobbly surface of moss stitch, the swirls of the random cable and the nodules created by little 'sock heels'.
Using some green cotton as a backing, I added layers of machine sewing using only two stitches. I like the way the fabric gets pulled and distorted by the stitches.
Finally using the green cotton background, I pinched the fabric together and sewed with embroidery thread. This created an odd honeycomb effect.
Next to create textured samples with tyvek, printing & mistyfuse!

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