Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Bonfire solubles & cutie booties

This week under all the junk in the spare room I found my sewing machine - hurrah! This prompted me to experiment with some Maderia Avalon Ultra water soluble film that I brought a while ago from Rainbow Silks. This sample is inspired by a bonfire, and is just under A4 size. Firstly I created a grid using black thread in straight stitch. On to the grid I added red and orange zigzag stitches and white, black & grey straight stitches. Once I had finished stitching, I held the piece under running water and the film disappeared. The film is quite thick, so you do not need an embroidery hoop; it does have a slightly odd smell however - or maybe that's just me! The sample is surprisingly sturdy, and I like the small holes where there are no stitches.

I have also been finishing off these cute booties for a friends baby girl. I used a pattern from Saartje Knits with Debbie Bliss cashmerino. They were quick and easy to make, and I added the cute buttons from my stash. I am so tempted to make some my size!


  1. Very pretty bootees....and I'm sure they'd make great slippers for an adult, up-sized a bit!

    Re: the OCA textiles facebook group-I tried the link you gave but it didn't work. Can you copy it to me again, please?



  2. Hello

    Thanks for your comment!

    Blogger didn't seem to like the link in the comment - so have put the link in a new post. How are you getting along on the course?


  3. I like your soluble stitched piece that must have been a lot of stitching.

    PS I have never noticed a smell with Avalon :)

  4. Maybe its just me then!!! :)