Sunday, 26 April 2009

Silk Workshop

Today I attended a Beginners Silk Workshop organised the Guild of Silk Painters - Glasgow & West of Scotland Branch. It was a great day, I got a chance to try out lots of techniques and have some gorgeous work to show for it. Silk painting seems to create such bold, bright colours. I now have lots more ideas for future projects. Here are just a few of the samples I made:
This design was traced from an image, then I used gold gutta and iron-fix silk paints to add colour. I really like how the colours blend into one another.
This loch side image was also created with the use of iron-fix silk paints, a hairdryer and some salt crystals. The line of the silk threads across the image makes it look as if it is raining!
Finally we made necklaces and scarves. These were dyed together using steam-fix dyes, rock salt & a microwave! I picked three shades of blue for mine. The necklace was made with the help of polystyrene and pony beads & I am really pleased with the result!


  1. oh the scarf and necklace are just stunning! I love the colour - so vibrant! Silk painting is on my list of things I'd like to try but as it's rather a long list I don't expect I'll manage it anytime soon....still, one day!

  2. I really love your pic of the hills looking like its raining.....would you make me one the same if I offered to barter a sheet of fab felt???

  3. Val - sounds like a great swap! Email me your address & its all yours! :)

  4. Wooo hooo! Thanks Trekky!!
    emailing done!