Friday, 6 March 2009

Creative Stitches

Yesterday I attended the Creative Stitches show at the SECC. I saw a lot of inspiring works, met some very talented people and had to resist the temptation to spend far too much money! I brought World Textiles: a visual guide to traditional techniques book that I had been lusting after. I attended a Lucet workshop, and brought an advanced luceting pack - I do like a traditional viking craft! I saw the wonderful work from the National Needlework Archive's Poetry in Stitches 2 exhibition. This has made me start thinking of a poem that I could interpret through stitch... the deadline isn't till 2011! And finally I got to see the fantastic Shaun the Sheep Great British Pic-Knit!


  1. I like the look of the fella sat next to Shaun!

  2. That is Bitzer the long sufferning sheepdog...

  3. That is absolutely adorable. Look at all that hand made food. Love Shaun. Wonder how long it took to make. What do you plan to make from your new book?