Sunday, 28 December 2008

Lurgy & Christmas!

An unproductive time of late... Firstly, the lurgy (ugh!). Then it was Christmas (Hurrah!). The only vaguely crafty things I have been up to are 1) have managed to finish ONE Lady Grey (knitted in red) sock and 2) went to the fabulous Gerhard Richter exhibition.

Lady Grey sock pattern was from the rebel knitter's guide that was free with the Guardian a while ago. The wool is from the gorgeous K1 Yarns. There is something truly decadent about wearing hand knitted socks. This is the first lacy knitting pattern I have tried, and after some initial hiccups, was fine. Also I managed to sneak this knitting on to an easy jet flight to Berlin, far more entertaining than the in-flight magazine!

The Gerhard Richter exhibition was great, though it was certainly chilly in Edinburgh! It is outstanding the range of different works he has produced throughout his career. I particularly like his technique of dragging a dry brush over his photo paintings to create a blurry edging, and will have to try this sometime.

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